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After taking the Pre-ACT, PSAT, & ACT, scores have finally been reported and show some impressive numbers from Lawton Public Schools (LPS) students.

607 sophomores took the Pre-ACT test, with 102 sophomores scoring a 20 or above. Additionally, four total students scored a 30 or above; one student from MacArthur High School (MHS), Billy Zhao, scored a 35 – a perfect score for the Pre-ACT.

“I had been studying for the actual ACT in the months before I took the Pre-ACT,” Zhao said. “There are very many past ACT tests that have been released, and most of my prep for the test consisted of doing those tests and reviewing the problems that I missed.”

Zhao plans to enroll in an engineering or computer science program once he decides which colleges to apply for.

Three other students scored a 31 – Kali Garrett, Katelyn Lee, and Grace Cho.

Because LPS juniors are required to take the Spring ACT, all sophomores in the district are required to take the Pre-ACT to guide instruction.

Joan Gabelmann, LPS’ Director of Accountability & Assessment, explains the importance of the Pre-ACT.

“The Board of Higher Regents pays for all sophomore students in the state of Oklahoma to take the Pre-ACT,” Gabelmann said. “This provides insight for both students and teachers as to learning strength for enrichment and weakness for interventions.”

Students also had the opportunity to take the Oklahoma Fall ACT – a test which saw 7 students score a 30 or higher. 

Matthew Duffy from EHS scored a 34. Elizabeth Omusinde from LHS scored a 33.  Nicole Wisebaker from LHS and Evan Perkins from LHS both scored a 31. Omarrion Williams from LVA:LHS and Abigail Kamper from LHS both scored a 30. Hunter Helvey from MHS also performed well on the test.

Additionally, LPS had students represent at or above national percentages of 90% on the PSAT. Those students are as follows:

From EHS:

·      In 11th grade - Trace Boggs Matthew Duffy, Konner Hulbert, and Joshua Torkelson.

·      In 10th grade - Tenari Atoe, Grace Cho, Jordyn Edwards, and Collin Fallon.

From LHS:

·      11th grade - Leonardo Hermosillo, Abigail Kamper, Billie Parker, Marc Spotts, and Daniel Thankchan.

·      10th grade - Adylynn Anderson, Kali Garrett, Kaitlyn Lee, and Carson Swinford. 

From MHS:

·      11th grade - Mikaela Richard.

·      10th grade - Sierra Hill, Livie Huffman, Abbey Kirby, Lealon Rogers, Sanosuke Brown, Holden Vazquez, Peter Swierkosz, and Billy Zhao.