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The Lawton District Swim team brought forth some amazing wins from their recent Southwest Area Championship meet! We want to take the time to recognize all of those who placed during the championship and commend them for their successes!


  • IKE girls 200 medley relay (Gabby O’Brien, Addison Sawyer, Cathlien Spangle, Elsy Alvarado)- 4th place.
  • IKE boys 200 medley relay (Luke Naberhaus, Dalton Sawyer, Brayden Ratliff, Cory Bullis)- 4th place.
  • Addison Sawyer 200 IM- 1st place.
  • Gabby O’Brien 50 Fr- 5th place.
  • Dalton Sawyer 50 Fr- 1st place.
  • IKE girls 200 freestyle relay (Gabby O’Brien, Grace Cho, Elsy Alvarado, Addison Sawyer) -4th place.
  • Addison Sawyer 100 backstroke- 1st place.
  • Dalton Sawyer 100 backstroke- 1st place and NEW SCHOOL RECORD!
  • IKE Boys 400 freestyle relay (Luke Naberhaus, Cory Bullis,  Brayden Ratliff, Dalton Sawyer)- 3rd place.
  • Overall IKE boys came in 4th and girls came in 5th.


  • Boys 200 medley relay (Braedon Jackson, Luke Williams, Liam Wallace, Eric Saldana)- 5th place.
  • Liam Wallace 200 freestyle- 5th place.
  • Erice Thompson 400 freestyle- 6th place.
  • Boys 200 freestyle relay (Luke Williams, Eric Saldana, Braedon Jackson, Liam Wallace)- 5th place.
  • Liam Wallace 100 backstroke- 2nd place.


  • Girls 200 medley relay (Adria Benoit, Alyssa Rauscher, Nour Bou Alwan, Harleigh Strickland)- 3rd place.
  • Alyssa Rauscher 200 freestyle- 2nd place.
  • Scott Strickland 200 freestyle- 4th place.
  • Nour Bou Alwan 200 IM- 5th place.
  • Adria Benoit 200IM- 6th place.
  • Nour Bou Alwan 100 butterfly- 3rd place.
  • Chris Chandler 100 freestyle- 5th place.
  • Harleigh Strickland 400 freestyle- 3rd place.
  • Boys 200 freestyle relay (Chris Chandler, Walker Blackmon, Daniel Saliba, Scott Strickland)- 3rd place.
  • Scott Strickland 100 backstroke- 4th place.
  • Alyssa Rauscher 100 breaststroke- 1st place.
  • Adria Benoit 100 breaststroke- 5th place.
  • Overall Mac girls 4th place and boys 5th place.

See below for photos from the event: